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Royal Santal

Royal Santal

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Discover the luxurious scent of Royal Santal, a blend of creamy, woody, and sandalwood notes. The top notes of lactonic and cuminic provide a rich, enticing aroma while the middle and base notes leave a lasting, comforting fragrance. Indulge in the opulent experience of Royal Santal.

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Customer Reviews

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Royal indeed!

"In the company of sandalwood, even the wild shrubs and thorny trees smell heavenly"
The itr here is a very very close resemblance of natural Sandalwood oil. Having used Mysore SW oil from ML ramnarain, I can easily say that the perfumer has done an excellent job of developing it in such a way that won't make you feel that you're using a substitute for the original oil for such a reasonable price. If you're a sandalwood lover who loves to wear and experience peace, then just go for it!

Alam Shaikh
Most remarkable piece of work.

When the sandalwood oil is infused with magical spice element, the resulting fragrance has the remarkable ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia. The captivating scent transports individuals back to cherished memories and experiences, reminiscent of bygone eras or special moments in their lives.
The fragrance blend's nostalgic allure is often attributed to its warm and comforting nature. The familiar aroma of sandalwood, coupled with the nostalgic spices, creates a scent that resonates deeply. It can trigger a flood of emotions and memories, providing a comforting and uplifting sensation.
Moreover, the unique combination of sandalwood oil and spices has a remarkable track record of garnering compliments. Whether worn as a personal fragrance or used in layering with other perfumes, this fragrance blend has the power to captivate and enchant those in its presence. The alluring scent draws attention and curiosity from others, often prompting compliments and inquiries about the fragrance. Its distinctiveness and complexity make it stand out in a crowd, leaving a lasting impression on those who encounter it. Whether at a social gathering, a special occasion, or a casual encounter, this fragrance blend has a remarkable ability to elicit positive feedback. The compliments received while wearing the royal santal blend contribute to its appeal and make it a go-to choice for individuals seeking a fragrance that not only resonates with their own nostalgic memories but also captivates the attention and admiration of those around them.
Thanks to Danish bhai.

Abhijit Roy

I like the product a lot, the price is bit high but the fragrance is strong and awesome


Royal Santal product was good and quality is also nice, value of money.

Sandeep S.

This Is The Fragrance What I Want Actually. Very Nice.


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