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Aafiya Luxury Scents & Perfumes

Cuban Tobacc

Cuban Tobacc

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Introducing the captivating fragrance of Cuban Tobacco.

This scent opens with a refreshing blend of mountain air, cardamom, orange oil, bergamot, juniper, and clary sage, which create a bright and invigorating introduction to the fragrance. The heart of the fragrance features a unique blend of tea, hedione, violet, rose, and magnolia, which adds a subtle floral and tea-like element to the scent. Finally, the base notes of iso E super, tobacco, suede, sandalwood, ambergris, moss, and tonka bean provide a warm and inviting foundation to the fragrance.


Top Notes -Mountain Air, Cardamom, Orange Oil, Bergamot, Juniper and Clary Sage;

Middle Notes - Tea, Hedione, Violet, Rose and Magnolia

Base Notes - Iso E Super, Tobacco, Suede, Sandalwood, Ambergris, Moss and Tonka Bean.


Longevity: 10 hours +

Best for: Men 

Climate: All  Winter season.

Where & When to Wear: Party, Wedding,Night functions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
This seem replica of Spice bomb orignal edt

This perfume smells great and as per my nose its replica copy of spicebomb edt version and belive me its pleasant and not at all offensive i love this fragrance.

Syed Feroz
All I can say is " Cuban Tobacco is Just WoW!

Cuban Tobacco is one of Aafiya's inspired version of (Montabaco by Ormande Jayne, London House), oh man! this is such a very beautiful, elegant and unique smell that you have to experience in your life time....must try and worth for backup bottle.

Big thanks to brother Danish for recommending this gem and I must say he is very generous and very helpful in nature guiding you to select the right choice as per your sensation and taste.

Very recently I found this house and I would highly recommend this house for good material perfumes and perfume oils, based on my extensive experience in buying perfumes from different Perfume Houses and Sellers.

All I can say is " Cuban Tobacco is Just WoW!

Rodney Baptist
Absolutely wonderful scent

Cuban Tobacc by Aafiya Luxury Scents & Perfumes, is a very light airy woody tobacco fragrance that keeps giving you whiffs through out, inspired from 4. Montabaco Intensivo with notes of Mountain Air, Cardamom, Tobacco and Tonka Bean. Amazing scent 🔥.


Beautiful fragrance

Dhananjay Bhattacharya
A true compliment grabber!

The best fragrance that I've smelt. It is airy, woody, green-tobacco, watery and there is also an old cathedral athmosphere in it. This is an exceptional fragrance. Not a beast on sillage but smells very good where someone close to you. It smells luxurious and smooth. I really like it to wear. It is timeless and safe for office use. Highly recommend.


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