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Discovery Sets - Inspired Fragrances

Discovery Sets - Inspired Fragrances

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Aafiya Luxury Scents and Perfumes' Discovery Set invites you to embark on an enchanting olfactory journey. Carefully curated, this collection allows you to explore the unique personality of each fragrance in convenient 10ml sizes. Ideal for those who appreciate variety and refinement, this portable set ensures you can carry the essence of luxury wherever your adventures take you.


**Armenia**: Unveil the ancient mystique of Armenia with this fragrance that captures the essence of the region's cultural richness. A harmonious blend of captivating notes awaits in every drop.

 **Agarwood#53**: Immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of Agarwood#53, where a captivating symphony of woody notes unfolds. Let this fragrance transport you to a realm of sophistication and intrigue.

 **Cognac**: Experience the warmth and refined allure of Cognac in this luxurious scent. Each whiff unveils a sophisticated blend, embodying the spirit of indulgence and celebration.

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 **Arcadian**: Revel in the harmonious blend of nature's bounty with Arcadian. This fragrance encapsulates the essence of lush landscapes, delivering a fresh and invigorating experience in every 10ml vial.

**Mem(e)rē**: Immerse yourself in the poetic allure of Mem(e)rē. This fragrance tells a story with each note, weaving a narrative of memory and emotion. Unveil the layers of this captivating scent in a convenient 10ml bottle.

 **Theodosius**: Indulge in the regal sophistication of Theodosius. This fragrance exudes timeless elegance, combining opulent notes to create an aura of refinement. Enjoy the grandeur in a compact 10ml vial that captures the essence of luxury.


**Greek Mythology**: Immerse yourself in the allure of ancient tales with Greek Mythology. This fragrance captivates with a blend of mythical notes, creating an aromatic symphony that pays homage to the richness of Greek legends.

**Cuban Tobac**: Experience the warm embrace of Cuban Tobac, a fragrance that transports you to the sun-drenched tobacco fields of Cuba. Revel in the earthy and smoky nuances encapsulated in a convenient 10ml bottle.

**Macedonia**: Uncover the essence of Macedonia, a fragrance that mirrors the diverse landscapes and cultural tapestry of this region. Let each drop transport you to the heart of the Balkans, capturing the spirit of Macedonia in a compact 10ml vial.


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Legacy Fragrance Artistry

Rooted in a longstanding legacy and a firm commitment to upholding India's fragrance traditions, we ensure the creation of natural and special fragrances.

Superior Aromatics

We combine premium natural and synthetic components to create alluring, culturally enriched fragrances.

Excellence Verification

Esteemed providers for esteemed Indian and Western labels, our fragrances ensure superb quality and dependability.

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