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Aafiya Luxury Scents & Perfumes

Discovery Combo - Our Signature Fragrances

Discovery Combo - Our Signature Fragrances

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Aafiya Luxury Scents & Perfumes Combo Pack

Aafiya Luxury Scents and Perfumes' Discovery Combo beckons you to begin a captivating journey through scent. Meticulously selected, this ensemble offers the opportunity to delve into the distinct character of each fragrance, conveniently packaged in 10ml sizes. Tailored for connoisseurs who value diversity and sophistication, this compact set guarantees you can transport the epitome of opulence wherever your explorations lead you.



: Embark on a journey of romance with this enchanting scent that encapsulates the essence of love and passion. A delicate fusion of floral and fruity notes awaits, promising to elevate any special moment.

**Beehive**: Dive into a world of luxury and warmth with Beehive, where beeswax, ginger, orange, and floral notes harmonize to create an unforgettable fragrance. Perfect for the winter season and elegant gatherings, Beehive is a unisex scent that exudes sophistication and uniqueness.

**Damascus**: Pay homage to the storied city of Damascus with this bold and elegant fragrance that celebrates its rich culture and history. Saffron, oud, amber, and leather notes intertwine to create a captivating scent, perfect for confident and adventurous souls.


**Luxuriate Musc**: A sophisticated fragrance unveiling with warm musk notes, followed by exotic oriental blends and a lasting agarwood base. Perfect for those seeking a warm and exotic scent for any occasion.

**Luxuriate Oud**: Indulge in the rich scent of honey and agarwood, complemented by refreshing spices and anchored by earthy agarwood base notes. Crafted for luxury and sophistication, ideal for any moment of indulgence.

**Masque De'Luxe**: A perfectly balanced blend of violet, white musk, Taif rose, ambergris, and sandalwood creates an everyday luxury fragrance exuding elegance and sophistication. Ideal for any occasion, adding a touch of luxury to your routine.

This combo pack is a great value for money, as you get three premium quality fragrances at affordable prices. Each fragrance comes in a stylish and sleek glass bottle with a spray nozzle. The bottles are packed in a beautiful and sturdy box, making it an ideal gift for any occasion. Order now and enjoy the benefits of free shipping and cash on delivery. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the best of Aafiya Luxury Scents & Perfumes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Imran Shaikh

As usual quality products from Aafiya.
All 3 of them has good projection and long lasting. Personal wise I will rate fragrance as LO 5/5,LM 4/5, and MDL 5/5.


Brilliant quality

Imran khan
Beautiful selection of decants

Thanks for offering a sample set so its easy to select which perfume to buy. I loved all 3 samples. Behive is beautiful, damascus is luxurious and amour is close to aventus , all perfumes are of high quality materials and last long time. 5 stars for composition of rich ingredients. Thanks Danish bhai for including extra 1ml samples of other offerings.


Legacy Fragrance Artistry

Rooted in a longstanding legacy and a firm commitment to upholding India's fragrance traditions, we ensure the creation of natural and special fragrances.

Superior Aromatics

We combine premium natural and synthetic components to create alluring, culturally enriched fragrances.

Excellence Verification

Esteemed providers for esteemed Indian and Western labels, our fragrances ensure superb quality and dependability.

Test Scents, Enjoy Savings With Discovery Sets

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